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Yellow Hat

Pierot, the bird, was the most insane bird in the forest.
He saw - in the very first cold morning of the winter, the girl, the girl walking in the mud.
I´m going there, he could listen she saying, nothing you do can change it - she said to her mother.
The little shy girl, with her yellow hat, had discovered a group of drunk, annoying and foreigner men. They had good voices and played music, they made people pay for some stories.
Cause the girl discovered what she was in that place. They said she could sing. Sing in the stage as a girl.
But Wolf was there.
He said: Well, why do you lost your time with things like that. Why don´t you look for the seeds, and make the bread, why don´t you care about the babies and drive our cart?
She was sad. See said: I believe I need a drink. He said he could show her new things in a pub.
Pierot was angry. He flies over her hat, he screamed and looked as a monster to Wolf.
He said: You need new words. You need a world with more questions.
Of course, nobody could understand it. But she stopped. And she went by the other way, the long way.
White dresses of white lace.
Musty smell.
Some smell of urine.
The priest said they had no more money. They had no more money, and the church was being destroyed, to create a new parking lot for the new waggons.
And the big hall where the plays used to be played, well the new place is much more small.
Grandma organized a movement. She let him dresses the white dresses.
The bird - once Pierot was singing in the third tree besides the red house - had listened too mummy saying to Wolf: Can you believe the dresses It dresses? ("It" has become her new nickname to mummy). The books it read? It can stay in the dark playing with dolls.
I said to her: Can´t you see what you have between your legs?
Become pretty, there is one way, and the other people are ugly, fat and deserve no respect.
Wolf said: I will convince her going hunting with me.
And so, Wolf - always fast - arrived with the Priest and the Hunter. They said Grandma was too old and should go to a sanitorium.
But she had a big mouth, she disagreed. They killed her and put her hearth in a vase.
When Yellow Hat arrived, she was not there.
Wolf said: You could be a cricket player. She could be a surveyor. You could open people´s bodies with nice knifes in places full of people in white and cloroformio.
Concrete things. Useful things.
This ridiculous clothes. This ridiculous hat.
It´s not working they said. She need a lesson.
Now. Look the blood in your legs.
But Pierot flies away calling the drunk actors he had saw in the way.
They saw the blood in the priest´s cassock.
They said: You must be strong. All you have is yourself.
There was a fight. Knifes and three men under the tree.
They took her to a new life.

Afonso Lima

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