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terça-feira, março 20, 2018

The killer (English version)

(This is a rush translation. Version may not be in its final form.)

His theory was that each person lived a murderer.
That's how it all started.
Panic gripped the city.
Police began to search for the origin of these creatures who seemed insensitive to any human appeal. Two homeless people beheaded, three children drowned in fetid rivers, three prostitutes hacked to pieces, a politician impaled.
The only one captured was sedated by absolute uncontrol.
Momai was summoned to help, delayed to arrive due to the chaos in the traffic that still persisted two days after a frightening storm.
A search for network systems began; with the help of the hacker JM, searched the comments, messages and emails about these episodes.
One of them said: "Finally leftists and losers will be crushed."
Another: "It was already mimimi, the blindness of the communists will end up in blood."
From a certain date, the change of government, increase the expressions:
leftists get sick
humiliated lefties
lefts dumb
leftists blood

Found on the channel of the biggest conservative youtuber, famous for recording videos in political demonstrations mocking their participants, a comment: "TIF: ended the binge."
In groups of digital fascism and channels of youtubers who distilled hatred under the cover of freedom of expression, the constant interaction of three expressions:

Assault Troop
Combat League

Messages exchanged by the group WhatsBomba - "TIF General Assault Troop"
"Human rights prevent the arrest of bullies"
"Stopped in traffic because of fire. TIF to bring peace."

JM said:
"It seems that something has freed the groups from a previous containment. The code inherent in this system appears to be violence / repression. The system is organized by the force / morality torque pair. Does anything allow morale to become the force?
JM thought about tracking the data in resonance with "TIF." There was no clue as to what it was.

"Assault Troop" and "Combat League" were expressions used by digital activists for groups of "moral murder" through false reports of alleged Communists. It would seem that "TIF" would be an extreme form of "extermination combat".

The thing seemed to be an urban legend to some extent.
Finally, Momai can enter a hidden site called "Total Instinct Field".
The players remained within stiff walls, there were carcasses of animals and bones everywhere.
"Total Instinct Field" had been created by economist and experimental scientist Cesar Kurt.
"Your experiment allowed you to free the killer in every person," JM said. With a device that shook the brain, it was possible to completely paralyze the instinct containment systems.
The storm generated a crash in the system, there was escape.
Momai watched the city as it listened to "Blue Moon."

Afonso Jr. Fereira de Lima

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