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sexta-feira, maio 11, 2018

The efficient sun (English version)

(This is a rush translation. Version may not be in its final form.)

The sun grew larger, then red. The boy dreamed that from the pile of rubble and smoke came a frightening form. It was a being full of scales, it flew through the smoke, returned and collected in the mouth a piece that he found among the ruins. A priest sang with a choir of angels nearby. The boy counted ten bone fragments. 

The monster came up with a femur. Everything had been gathered on top of a building. An old woman carried a line of children with her flute-a cave beneath the church. 
"My puppies, believe what I say, now and forever." 
The journalists lent their cars to the torturers. 
Student movement screams slogans, gas pumps thrown from windows. Seeds rot under the fire of the eye. Smoke, flames. Bars with bodies, food, cardboard, urine, fabric colors on the doors. How many people were there, people who did not have a home? 

The priest said: "You see the ostrich there? How does he hide his head?"
 A ram was sacrificed at the top of the building. Lightning struck the remains of people. Moist monster flaps its wings, the rebuilt rises. The boy runs to get to his house.

 Afonso Jr Lima

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