sexta-feira, maio 29, 2015

Light /Friend


Strange people we are
We love all the flowers
The silver boy under the sun
Someone's dream made him gray
The silver boy should have a rabbit
and discover the universe
I wish you were a child
and had a green field to run
not everybody being an island
I wish your dreams were invisible ones
To cross the bridge to know a new city
A skin, a pure petal, no iron shield
To sleep with the leaves in the spring


I´m happy - life is beautiful and
you are part of this, sweet friend
Yes, things change, but you give me your hand
I'm listening, learning with the children
I´m an animal between animals
One hundred years, the root
I'm glad we could keep hope
We can share our tears, the good and bad ones
I can smile to the past and the future
the poetry that one day will be
Free from myself, giving what I have
Discovering the laws of life
Tomorrow morning

Afonso Lima

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