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quarta-feira, fevereiro 21, 2018

Blood Rituals (English version)

(This is a rush translation. Version may not be in its final form.)

- I'm shocked. She's a lawyer, and she's never looked fragile, "I said.
"The city of São Paulo was considered the worst metropolis in sexual violence against women in the world" - that was the topic of the conversation.
"Have not you heard of Artemisia Gentileschi?" Lyslei told me at the mall.
I was taken by surprise between a sip and another of cappuccino.

I went running to search.
The Renaissance rediscovered Aristotle. "As regards animals, the male is by nature superior and domineering and the female inferior and dominated. And the same must necessarily apply to the human world. "
The teacher of drawing and perspective.
As the woman is a sensual being connected to irrationality and matter, she seduces, betrays and lies.
It seems that both Eve and Pandora were a punishment for mankind. And since the Original Sin's guilt comes from the First Lady, she must be submissive, says Augustine.
In the fifteenth century, the Malleus Maleficarum made it clear that, having Eve born from a curved rib, "contrary to man's righteousness," she is always "an imperfect animal."
The priests of the Church cite cases of cross-dressing, women dressed as monks since, as Eusebius of Emessa said, holy priest of the year 300, "in virgins lust is dead, the body, nailed to the cross with its vices and desires, the body is a stranger to them. "

But in 1593, her father gave her the name of the hunting goddess. Surrounded by lions, "Lady of the beasts" for Homer, worshiped by eunuch priests, she remembers the ancient time of rituals in caves and trees, when the hunter hung the animal's skin on a trunk and made a prayer. If a sacrifice precedes the battle, if warm blood is offered to the gods, if the seers read fate in the viscera, Artemis is present, just as in Halai in Attica, by wiping a young man's neck with a knife, in Orthia, Sparta, when the Efebos are lashing at the altar.

She does not find suffering natural. "He put a cloth in my mouth so he would not scream. I scratched his face and plucked his hair."
It is said that the painter was tortured so that the complaint could be withdrawn.

The criminal's exile lasted four months. She had to live with the reputation of being seductive.
In the Greek vases the blood covers the altars; here it is spurting from the neck.
In Caravaggio's own painting, in which the Assyrian general loses his head, Judith seems a chaste and fragile girl. In Botticelli, she can fly at any moment like a nymph. The Judith of Artemisia is a strong and brutal avenger.
Nothing of the beloved ideal of the twelfth century, when the woman begins to have property in the south of France, the perfect beloved that demands works of the knights like proof of love, the world of Lancelot, the Knight of Carreta (1177) of Chrétien de Troyes . The criminal's face is on all the villains.

In 1649 she writes:

"Today I discovered that ... having executed a drawing of the souls in Purgatory for the Bishop of S. Gata, the latter, to spend less, gave the work to another painter, to paint it according to my drawing. If I was a man, I doubt that it would have happened ... I must warn you that my prices do not obey the custom of Naples, where it is customary to order thirty and sell for four. I am Roman and as Roman I will always act. "

Afonso Jr. Ferreira de Lima

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