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segunda-feira, fevereiro 19, 2018

The smell of meat (English version)

(This is a rush translationt. Version may not be in its final form.)

The strike was because the workers complained that the meat served in the factories was "green."
Some people had felt bad. One of them was hospitalized. "The bourgeoisie needs to defend its sense of superiority, which is why we need to eat rotten meat," said a popular leader. The repression was brutal.

Since the government had brought back some factories, offering even lower wages and freedom from regulation, and after it became clear that workers were unable to pay their own food at such wages, there had been a regulation for food that "suited costs and needs "; in practice the workers were more exhausted and fed worse.

In the beginning they ate only rice and "identical to natural" flavor sauce, but they got protein after a negotiation. However, gradually, complaints about the smell, the appearance and the taste of the meat appeared. "If you try to look in the kitchen, the smell looks like a dump, everything seems to have been hours without refrigeration," a worker told a local radio station.

On TV an expert talked about the fact that between his "consumption climate" and its degeneration, there was a time when the meat was healthy, but presented a bad appearance. It would be a waste to lose all that protein, he said.

The workers gathered and began to produce birds for their own consumption. Leader Manuele Ornan has unveiled fast-growing breeding methods. Small producers have raised enough to meet 1/3 of the demand through Food Houses. They planned a Manifesto and the inauguration of a house in the center, but their leaders were arrested the day before.

A journalist challenged censorship by publishing the interview with a political scientist who said that politicians could not see in the workers anything other than something "dangerous and subversive" because they lived in luxury: "In the elections, you win the candidates with more money. It is not representative system. The successful candidates have invested 20 times more than those who have lost. "

The newspaper was closed. Manuele committed suicide in jail.

The publicity, the use of infiltrators, the support of the university finally calmed the moods. The food did not please, but the prosecution demanded new spices and more pleasant odor. Finally, the daily use of a drug that avoided the more dramatic effects of a greenish meat was agreed upon.

Afonso Jr. Ferreira de Lima

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